Yesterday, I received a plea for a two year scholarship for this girl, Cynthia Mukswani. Please, please read her story. While I wish I could add her, as well as the hundreds of deserving kids that I have met here, to our SOML roster, I am hesitant to commit to another student unless I know I can live up to the promise SOML makes to see them through to their graduation. And yet….

Cynthia is a fifteen-year old girl whose father died in 2012. Her two sisters were married off at 17 and 19 years of age because her mother did not have the financial resources to care for them. Cynthia passed her primary school exams, and was in grade 10 when her mother decided to marry her off. She is 15 years old. Cynthia ran away from home and is currently living with her grandmother and is desperately trying to finish her high school education (of which she has two more years.) Her passion is to become a teacher.
So let me know if you might be willing to sponsor her, for even year. She only requires $400 finish her two years of schooling, and your donation will literally make the difference between an early marriage and an education with a future she can choose. Thank you!