One child. One education.

Infinite possibilities.


It’s simple. At So Others May Learn, we believe that education is a basic human right. The corner of the world we work in, Sub-Saharan Africa, has the highest rates of educational exclusion globally, with 98 million children between 6-18 years of age out of school. We aim to change this- one student, and one education at a time. SOML provides  academic primary, secondary and tertiary scholarships to motivated and deserving students in rural communities in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Uganda who would otherwise be unable to continue their learning.  Promising students are nominated by their teachers or selected by our country coordinators. Report cards are reviewed every term to assess each student’s progress and continued commitment to their education. Upon graduation from the program, students are asked to “pay it forward” to other students in their communities. Our graduates have done this by volunteering in schools, tutoring and mentoring children from their villages, and sponsoring tuitions for other students in need in their community.  They are also role models for their younger siblings and other children in their communities who now also hope to earn a scholarship and continue their educations.


Our scholarships are comprehensive so our students can focus on what’s important– their education. Scholarships pay for tuition, room and board, medical bills, transportation, uniforms and school supplies, and are guaranteed to each scholarship recipient for the remainder of their primary and secondary education and through their tertiary education if they maintain a strong academic standing.



Did you know that in
sub-Saharan Africa
21 million adolescents cannot attend school?