One child. One education.

Infinite possibilities.

So Others May Learn is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing comprehensive academic scholarships to motivated students in Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe who lack the financial resources to attend school otherwise. 

The number of students we have sponsored to date.

We sponsor students from primary school through university, and each student commits to paying their education forward.


goes towards ensuring that our scholarship students have comprehensive academic, extracurricular and medical support.

It’s simple. Your financial support goes directly to our student’s tuition, medical bills, transportation needs and other out-of-pocket operational expenses they might have.

The number of communities with whom we partner. We work with villages that have a desire to educate their children but a lack of resources to do so.


So Others May Learn is committed to providing educational scholarships to motivated and deserving students in rural and impoverished communities in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Uganda who would otherwise be unable to continue their learning.  Promising students are nominated by their teachers or selected by our country coordinators. Report cards are reviewed every term to assess each student’s progress and continued commitment to their education. The results so far? All of our scholarship recipients are in the top 10% of their class within two years of beginning secondary school. They are also role models for their younger siblings and other children in their communities who now also hope to earn a scholarship and continue their educations.


Our scholarships are comprehensive so our students can focus on what’s important– their education. Scholarships pay for tuition, room and board, medical bills, transportation, uniforms and school supplies, and are guaranteed to each scholarship recipient for the four years of secondary school and through their tertiary education if they maintain a strong academic standing.