So Others May Learn is dedicated to providing comprehensive scholarships for bright and motivated students in sub-Saharan Africa through Primary School, O Levels, A Levels, and University. Scholarships include tuition, books, medical care, transportation, as well as uniforms, room & board, and computers when applicable. The criteria for our scholarship is simple: if a student is in the top ten percent of his/her class and in need of sponsorship, they are eligible to apply. Our program coordinators In Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Uganda select students on a rolling basis, and once selected, our students are supported as long as they maintain academic eligibility. All students pledge to pay it forward in their community once they have completed schooling.


Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Zambia have all reported cases of COVID-19. All three countries have shut down their school systems for the remainder of the term. With the exception of Universities, there are no plans for distance learning opportunities at this time. In response to mandated school closures, we have worked with our country coordinators to ensure our students safe transportation to their guardians’ homes & housing for secondary students who do not have guardians. Our mission is to educate our students, and they need to be healthy in order to stay in school and continue their education. As such, our primary goal at this time is to ensure the health and safety of our students.


Immediate Needs

One of the urgent needs that our COVID-19 Relief Fund will be responding to is meal distribution. Our students receive food at school–the cost of which is included in their tuition. We are working to ensure that our students & their families have access to food. At this time, we are partnering with a local NGO that will distribute food to families in Zimbabwe & Zambia, and we are looking into ensuring food security in Uganda. Our country coordinators are in contact with students and will communicate with us about any extenuating circumstances students & families face during this challenging time.

Anticipated Medical Needs

It is of the utmost importance that we are prepared to continue covering our students medical costs, should the need arise. As you may know, several of our students are HIV positive or otherwise immunocompromised. We are committed to ensuring that, should a SOML student contract COVID-19, they receive the best care possible. We have negotiated Memorandums of Understanding with private hospitals in all three countries and are working to ensure that, should a SOML student fall sick, the hospital will do everything possible to provide treatment in a private, isolated room.